Some people within the industry, notably University of Florida research fellow Wes Jamison, have chided the “Happy Cows Come From California” promotion for creating false expectations among consumers. Nevertheless, the campaign continues — and this time they want you to vote on THE California Happy Cow.

Ten new TV spots released nationally this past Monday are audition tapes submitted from cows who want to be the next California Happy Cow.

There is the super-spunky teenager named Alicia, who is out to prove to her friends and her taunting brother that she can make it as a California babe. And then there’s Cajun Jenn, who hails from the heart of the Bayou and is eager to break out from under her dramatic stage mom’s overpowering presence. Across the pond, there’s Shelby Fogbottom, the English bovine who boasts a royal bloodline and is well versed in proper tea time etiquette, who wants the opportunity to leave the fog behind for sunny California pastures.

Consumers can vote online from now until next Sept. 30. The winning entry will be revealed online a year from now.

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