The Professional Dairy Managers of Pennsylvania Dairy Industry Issue Forum slated for Nov. 4 in Lancaster, Pa., has been specifically scheduled to coincide as closely as possible with the release of new rules for the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

It’s been suggested that the majority of Pennsylvania dairy farms fall within the Chesapeake Bay watershed, meaning the new environmental regulations will be far-reaching. And not only in Pennsylvania. The Chesapeake Bay is already seen as a model project for other watersheds in the country, so regulations implemented there are likely to follow in other areas.

That means you need to know what is going on and how to deal with these regulations.
For example, farms in Lancaster, Franklin and Dauphin Counties are already feeling the impact of closer scrutiny, especially dairy farms with land adjacent to waterways.

Check out this chance to get information directly from those who are in the know.

  • Learn about the watershed plan.
  • Meet people who can help you identify problems on your farm and guide you to solutions.
  • Talk with regulators and groups who are monitoring implementation of the regulations.  

You’ll also visit Spring Lawn Farm, a 240-cow dairy, where the owners are using technology to meet the challenges of regulation and increase their profitability. At each stop on the farm tour, experts will explain how decisions were made, how the farm will benefit and how similar changes can work on other dairy farms.

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Source: Professional Dairy Managers of Pennsylvania