Brattleboro, Vt. - The Holstein Association USA, Inc. board of directors held its fall meeting in Chicago, Ill. on November 18 and 19. President Larry Tande chaired the two-day session.

The board approved the 2011 Management-by-Objective Business Plan and associated budget. The Business Plan projects growth in sales of Holstein Association USA products and services and provides a financial incentive for members who are enrolled in Holstein COMPLETE and use the Start-up program.

Holstein COMPLETE is a convenient package of services including registration, classification, mating information, pedigrees, genetic reports, and production records. For more information about any of the Association’s programs and services and items included in this article, visit, or call Customer Service at 800.952.5200.

Update on 2010 Business Plan

Management is pleased to announce registrations through November 13th were 295,462, the second highest total in the last 12 years, up 2.1 percent over 2009. Strong growth in transfer activity is evidenced by the 60,138 transfers made through November 13th, which is an increase of 8.5 percent from 2009.

Reporting through November, COMPLETE enrollment totaled 239,007 cows and 1,764 herds. This represented a 3 percent increase in cows and 2.1 percent increase in herds since the end of 2009.

AgriTech Analytics (ATA) General Manager Bill VerBoort announced through the end of October, ATA has processed records on 877,174 animals. This is up nearly 2 percent over 2009 enrollments. ATA currently ranks second highest, among four processing centers, in the number of cow records processed. For more information about ATA, visit

Committee Reports

The board of directors heard reports from the following committees:
1. Audit
2. Genetic Advancement (GAC)
3. Junior Advisory (JAC)
4. Legislative Affairs
5. Show
6. Type Advisory (TAC)

The GAC recommended to the board of directors that no changes be made to the current TPISM formula. However, the board did not accept the recommendation; in the meantime, the TPI formula will remain unchanged until the board has an opportunity to review alternatives. Reflecting on another of the GAC’s recommendations, the board approved the following TPI vision statement:

The TPI formula is the gold standard in ranking world-wide Holstein genetics, serving as a rudder for the genetic progress of the breed. The formula represents HAUSA's vision for the improvement of the domestic and international Holstein population for the next five years, encompassing animals identified in the herdbook as well as the commercial Holstein population. The formula is not necessarily aimed at breeding individual cows, but rather to advance the entire genetic pool. HAUSA recognizes and encourages diversity in breeding philosophies to further the progress in the Holstein breed.

Regarding the Type Advisory Committee’s recommendations, the board approved the request for the GAC to look at possible ways to implement a change to the TPI formula to help slow the rate of growth in stature. Additionally, the board approved a recommendation to explore creating a new model cow.

Most noteworthy from the Junior Advisory Committee, the board approved several recommendations relating to the National Junior Holstein Showring Policy:
•? ? ? ? Change the transfer date requirements to June 1st for cows and heifers for the 2011 Junior Holstein shows.
•? ? ? ? Change the lease rule so all lease applications must be received by June 1st in the year exhibiting for 2011 shows.
•? ? ? ? Clarify present rules regarding junior ownership which will disqualify an animal from Junior recognition by:
- Transferring an animal into or out of a junior’s name after the deadline.
- Adding or dropping any adult or junior member as owners after the deadline.

The board approved the Legislative Affairs Committee’s recommendations to:
•? ? ? ? Reinforce the support of the HAUSA board’s decision to support bills H.R. 5288 and S. 3531.
•? ? ? ? Universally adopt the California Standards for milk solids.
•? ? ? ? Support the National Milk Producers Federation suggestion for reducing the Somatic Cell Count step-wise to 400,000 by January 1, 2014.

From the Show Committee, the board approved the same slate of National Shows for 2011 as has been in effect for 2010. The board approved these additional recommendations from the committee:
•? ? ? ? The 2011 National and Qualified Judges’ Lists;
•? ? ? ? Plans for three judges’ conferences in 2011;
•? ? ? ? The open show judge for National shows must be selected from the Holstein Association USA National Show Judges List for 2012 and beyond;
•? ? ? ? The associate judges for National shows must be selected from either the National or Qualified Judges List beginning in 2011.

Other Business

In keeping with the policy to allow the release for reuse of a prefix after 20 years of non-use, the board will release 1,938 prefixes effective December 30, 2010.

The board also approved price increases in area and non-area classifications which have not been increased since 1994. There will be no price increase for the classification option included in the Holstein COMPLETE program or the Introductory classification option.

Upcoming Meetings

The next board meetings are:

•? ? ? ? Spring board meeting March 24-25, 2011, Brattleboro, Vt.
•? ? ? ? Summer board meeting June 21-22, 2011. This will be in Richmond, Va. held in conjunction with the 126th Annual Meeting.