Thanks to early generosity from leading philanthropists, the Holstein Foundation’s Dairy Leaders for Tomorrow campaign is underway with substantial momentum.

“The success of this campaign will establish a long-standing commitment to provide dairy leadership training programs like the renowned Young Dairy Leaders Institute,” said Jodi Hoynoski, Holstein Foundation programs manager since 2004.  

To date, the campaign – Dairy Leaders for Tomorrow – has raised nearly $350,000 from Holstein Foundation Trustees, YDLI alumni and others.  Core support came early from Holstein Association USA, which has offered a dollar for dollar match up to $1 million on monies received by December 31, 2010.  

The campaign has full participation from its board of trustees, and two pacesetting Chairman’s level gifts of $50,000 from Judy and Charles Iager/Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton, Md. and Hilmar Cheese Company, Inc., Hilmar, Calif.

Executive level support of $25,000 or more has been received from DairyBusiness Communications, East Syracuse, N.Y.

Ambassador level gifts of $10,000 or more have been received from:  Accelerated Genetics, Baraboo, Wis.; John F. and Nancy Bierbaum, Burnsville, Minn.; Mr. & Mrs. Frank E. P. Conyngham, Shavertown, Pa.; Calvin Covington, Ocala, Fl.; Coldsprings Farms – Hoff Family, New Windsor, Md.; Dean Foods, Dallas, Texas; Doug and Matilda Maddox Family, Riverdale, Calif.; John and Vicki Meyer, Brattleboro, Vt.; Bonnie Mohr Studio, Glencoe, Minn.; Tom, Linda and Ashley Thorbahn, Vickery, Ohio; Charles and Vanessa Worden, Cassville, N.Y.; Wisconsin Junior Holstein Association, Baraboo, Wis.; World Dairy Expo, Madison, Wis.

Leader level gifts of $5,000 or more have been received from:  Kimberly Clauss – Clauss Dairy Farms, Hilmar, Calif.; Richard T. and Jeanne Coyne, Avon, N.Y.; Ecolab, Inc., St. Paul, Minn.; Joel P. & Anita M. Hastings, East Syracuse, N.Y.; Dr. & Mrs. Matthew E. Iager, Boonsboro, Md.; Kings-Ransom Farm, LLC, Schuylerville, N.Y.; Sunshine Genetics, Whitewater, Wis.; Larry and Carolyn Tande, Medford, Minn.

A YDLI Champions Club has also been established for YDLI alumni that donate $1,000 or more:  Mark Crave, Waterloo, Wis.; Siemers Holstein Farm, Inc., Newton, Wis.

Donations to the campaign will support a new endowment fund dedicated to adult dairy leadership training the Holstein Foundation provides.  The Young Dairy Leaders Institute (YDLI) has been the Foundation’s cornerstone program, and hopes are to continue the program well into the future, supported by earnings from this new fund.

“We’re off to a great start for the campaign, but we will look to the larger, industry-wide community to join us in providing critical support to ensure a vibrant future for the dairy industry,” said Judy and Charles Iager, honorary campaign chairpersons.

To view more details about the Dairy Leaders for Tomorrow campaign to learn how you can become involved or to view a complete list of campaign donors, visit or contact Jodi Hoynoski at 800.952.5200, ext. 4261 or

Source: Holstein Association USA