In a 24-23 vote, House Agriculture Committee members voted Wednesday to a adopt a substitute $5.5 billion assistance package for producers for fiscal year 2001, which ends September 30.

The original package, presented by Chairman Larry Combest (R-Texas), would have provided $6.5 billion in economic assistance and fully covered farmers’ 2001 crop year. Combest warned that the alternative package is insufficient to meet producers worsening prices for crops this year. Combest also said the substitute plan does not address the needs of dairy, sugar, fruit and vegetable producers, nor would it provide the funds needed for loan deficiency payments for non-contract producers.

The substitute amendment presented by Charles Stenholm (D-Texas), and John Boehner (R-Ohio), provides $1 billion less in overall funds with $4.6 billion in market-loss payments to major crop producers. Here’s how the proposed funding breaks out:

  • $423 million to producers of 2000 oilseed crops.
  • $54.2 million to peanut producers.
  • $16.9 million to wool and mohair producers.
  • $84.7 million to producers and first handlers of cottonseed.
  • $129 million in supplemental payments to tobacco quota holders.

For more information on the substitute amendment and other house matters, go to

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