Last week the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, which strengthens laws dealing with criminal acts against animal enterprises, including farms, meat processors and animal research facilities.

The President is expected to sign the bill, which updates the Animal Enterprise Protection Act of 1992.

The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act closes previous loopholes by penalizing attacks against tertiary targets. It also addresses key concerns of law enforcement-- who have waged an uphill battle to prevent, investigate and prosecute acts of animal rights terrorism.

The Terrorism Act passed the Senate by unanimous consent on Sept. 30.

''In the past year, death threats have been used in animal rights' campaigns in both Arizona and South Dakota,'' say Kay Johnson, Animal Agriculture Alliance executive vice president.

''We are aware of one made in Minneapolis just recently,” she adds. “Worse yet, the United States and the United Kingdom the use of firebombs has also become far too common. In one instance, a bomb was left at the wrong house. Members of law enforcement and animal rights groups have both acknowledged that it is just a matter of time before people are killed. Our belief is that this much needed-law will save more than one life by making some animal rights and environmental zealots think twice before engaging in such illegal and unethical activities.''

Source: Animal Agriculture Alliance