Following several years of research, Atkins Nutritionals Inc. has formulated Atkins Endulge Ice Cream, the first super premium, no sugar added ice cream.

A concept of the late Dr. Robert Atkins, inventor of the Atkins’ diet, the ice cream offers a dessert favorite to the menus of people now following a controlled carbohydrate lifestyle. Atkins Endulge Ice Cream is available in both chocolate and vanilla flavors and contains only four grams of Net Carbs (carbohydrates that affect blood sugar) per four-ounce serving.

"In comparison to most super premium ice cream brands, Atkins Endulge Ice Cream has 70 percent less carbohydrates," explains Matt Spolar, vice president of product development and senior food scientist for Atkins Nutritionals.

From a technical standpoint, Atkins Endulge Ice Cream is considered "super premium" by ice cream industry standards due to its 16 percent butterfat content. According to USDA regulations, in order to carry the super premium designation, ice cream must have no less than a 16 percent butterfat content.

"Our goal is to help people follow controlled carbohydrate nutritional protocols for life," said Colette Heimowitz, director of education and research for Atkins Health and Medical Information Services. "Having convenient and tasty treats like ice cream helps people to further enjoy the luxury of the controlled carbohydrate lifestyle. And, in order to remind people to avoid binging and over-indulging, the ice cream will be packaged in portion-controlled 4-ounce cups, 4 cups to a container."

Starting this month, shoppers can look for Atkins Endulge Ice Cream in the freezers of their local health and natural food stores and supermarkets nationwide.

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