Ice cream sales are up again, following a year-long slump.

The latest sales figures from Information Resources Inc. show that ice cream sales (not including sherbet or novelties) grew 0.4 percent during the 13-week period ending March 27. Ice cream sales totaled $928 million during that time.

In the preceding quarter, ending Dec. 26, 2004, ice cream sales grew 0.7 percent. Ice cream sales were down as much as 2 percent during the four quarters prior to that.

These sales figures represent food, drug store and mass merchandiser retail sales, but exclude convenience store, food service and Wal-Mart sales.

Not surprisingly, nearly all of the sales growth during the last year has been in the light ice cream segment, as ice cream makers responded to carbohydrate- and calorie-conscious consumers with low-carb products and improved light and lowfat desserts.

Dairy Management Inc.