Idaho dairy producers Chad and Susan Bailey want to expand their dairy. But they’ll have to wait a few more weeks to find out if their expansion from 500 cows to 935 animal units is going to receive approval from the Minidoka County and Planning and Zoning Board.

The board tabled the decision in order to gather more information to look into groundwater concerns that were voiced at the meeting by area residents and board members.

The Baileys have a waste management plan that was prepared by the University of Idaho for up to 1,600 cows.
The state has accepted the plan. So far, they have overhauled the wastewater system at the dairy and cleaned out the lagoons and lined them with clay. In addition, they have installed berms and trees have been planted.

The plan calls for the lagoons to be emptied twice a year, with the lagoon water being mixed with irrigation water and applied to 40 acres. The lagoons were designed to hold 180 days of wastewater including storm runoff.

Board members want more information about the land application of wastewater including duration and timing as well as cropping rotations. The main concern is that everything will be done in a manner to protect the groundwater supply.

The board plans to meet again on August 1.