The Idaho Department of Agriculture has issued its first two odor violations under a new state law.

Two dairies in the Magic Valley each received a notice of violation from the ag department last month. The violation means the producers must develop an odor management plan, and if another violation occurs, each could be fined up to $10,000 per violation.

Both producers say they have already spent a considerable amount on odor-abatement strategies. Buekers Dairy No. 2 near Jerome has already spent about $500,000 on equipment and solutions that were supposed to help alleviate livestock odors. And the second dairy, Swager and Sons Dairy near Buhl had just invested in a new odor control system that it installed about two months ago.

If there was an odor problem, Dean Swager told Ag Weekly, it must have been from an old lagoon he is emptying.

Under the law, and the regulations that have been written so far, any livestock facility that receives a violation notice must develop an odor management plan. If the livestock operation receives another violation after the odor management plan is in place it could be fined up to $10,000 per violation. All livestock operations do have the option to contest the violations in formal administrative hearings.

The ag department is working under temporary guidelines while an advisory committee hammers out a proposal for permanent rules. Those permanent rules must then be sent back to the state legislature for approval.

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