Check out this compelling guest editorial by Scott Gunderson, University of Wisconsin extension dairy agent for Manitowoc County that offers support and admiration for modern agriculture. It first appeared in the Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter.

“Agriculture in Manitowoc County is big business and at the same time it is primarily a family business,” Gunderson says.” All too often we hear the term "factory farm" when some people speak of what they consider large farms.

“Even if the term "factory farm" were true, nearly 100 percent of the farms in Manitowoc County are owned by the families who run them,” he adds. “Sure they have employees, but so do traditional factories and businesses.”

“Just like those traditional factories and businesses, dairy farms (my preferred terminology no matter what size operation) often need to grow in order to survive and hopefully thrive. I've heard many farmers tell me over the years that, "If I don't grow, I'm going backward."

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Source: Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter