More than 300 reproduction specialists, veterinarians, producers and industry representatives attended the inaugural Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council (DCRC) meeting in Denver, Colo., this week.  This event delivered information from leading reproduction specialists designed to enhance on-farm reproductive performance.

“We’re thrilled with the interest and participation in this first event,” says Jose Santos, DCRC president and associate professor at the University of California-Davis. “The cross section of academia, industry, veterinarians and producers represents what the DCRC is designed to accomplish, which is effective delivery of information to enhance dairy cow fertility.”

Information delivered at the conference covered a wide range of topics relating to reproductive performance, including:

  • Transition cow nutrition
  • Managing fresh cows
  • Estrous synchronization
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Preventing reproductive disease
  • Embryo survival
  • The effect of genetics on fertility

For more information on the DCRC, including information on enhancing reproductive performance, or to become a member, visit:

 Source: Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council