Four Indiana dairies have jointly signed an agreement with Environmental Credit Corp (ECC) to create more than one million carbon credits from greenhouse gas-reducing projects on their farms. Together, the dairies located in Fair Oaks, Ind., house close to 17,000 cows that produce more than 100,000 gallons of milk each day.

Each dairy — Bos, Herrema, Hidden View, and Windy Ridge — has installed biogas digesters. “Because of the technology we use, we are processing the manure into something valuable,” Tony Bos, Sr., explains. “The biogas we produce is about 60 percent methane, very much like natural gas. We use it for heat and electricity. Now in addition to energy, we qualify for clean air credits.”

Carbon credits are currently valued at around $4.00 per ton in the U.S., up from around $2.00 during 2005

Each credit is equivalent to one metric ton of carbon dioxide prevented from entering the atmosphere. The farms’ greenhouse gas reductions are comparable to planting 4 million deciduous trees or offsetting the emissions of 20,000 cars. 

To get the most benefit from the potential credit markets, the dairies are working with ECC, a member of the Chicago Climate Exchange (North America’s only voluntary, legally binding rules-based greenhouse gas trading system). ECC works closely with the farms to develop project protocols, monitor and certify their methane emission reductions, and monetize and manage the resulting carbon credits. 

Jim Jensen, ECC’s VP of Business Development, meets with dairy farmers regularly to discuss the growing opportunities for selling carbon credits.  As he puts it: "American farmers can be great stewards of the environment; they deserve to be recognized for the actions they take to reduce global warming. Cash for carbon credits is a great place to start.” 

To learn more about ECC’s carbon credit program call Jensen at (814) 235-1623 or go to

Environmental Credit Corporation press release