Des Moines, Iowa---Members of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (CCI) are calling on the Department of Natural Resources to stand up for clean water and immediately levy stiff fines and harsh penalties against Bernard County Dairy for a manure spill Monday that resulted in the pollution of a stream and killed more than 2,000 fish in Dubuque County. Bernard County Dairy was spreading raw liquid feces on a partially frozen 40-acre field west of Bernard and neglected to follow a number of regulations including: not fully incorporating the manure, inadequate separation distances and not checking the area for recent drainage improvements.

"This was a direct result of poor management practices by a factory farm and we have to keep fighting against these polluters and the bad policies backed by big-money special interest groups," CCI board member Lori Nelson from Bayard said. "This just shows that factory farms are unsustainable and every factory farm has the potential to pollute - every factory farm needs to get a Clean Water Act operating permit. Iowa needs strong enforcement and regulations that will stop the pollution of our waterways. Governor-elect Terry Branstad needs to stand on the side of the people and not corporate ag."

Iowa has the largest concentration of factory farms in the country and some of the most polluted water in the nation, with more than 542 polluted waterways, according to the DNR. Since 1995, there have been more than 700 documented manure spills in Iowa, including more than 60 since 2006.

Iowa CCI members are calling for the DNR to do their job and take action against Bernard County Dairy for their manure spill, immediately. DNR gutted a ban that allows factory farms to continue spreading manure on snow-covered and frozen ground for another five years.

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