Davisco Foods International, doing business locally as Jerome Cheese Company, located in Jerome, Idaho, was exonerated last month of any wrongdoing in a case involving the sale of a condensed milk byproduct that Millenkamp Cattle purchased and fed to its cattle.

Millenkamp Cattle, also located in Jerome Idaho, claimed the byproduct caused the death of hundreds of calves and stunted the weight gain of thousands of others. Millenkamp Cattle also claimed to have suffered damages to its business reputation that hindered the growth of its company.

The six-person jury found the defendant, Davisco Foods International, not responsible for any of the damages that occurred at Millenkamp Cattle. In addition, due to the nature of the case, Millenkamp Cattle is legally responsible for Davisco Foods International's attorneys' fees and costs.

"Though the process at times was frustrating, and certainly expensive, it's gratifying to know that when all is said and done and the jury has spoken; this obviously fraudulent claim was shown to be exactly that," says Jon Davis, chief operations officer for Davisco Foods International.

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Source: Davisco Foods International/PR Newswire