In testimony before the Missouri House of Representatives Committee on Emerging Issues in Animal Agriculture, Missouri Farm Bureau encouraged lawmakers to reject the State Tax Commission’s increase in farmland property taxes and to keep a watchful eye on actions of extremist animal rights organizations.

“Missouri farmers need to know their state legislators are not going to support a tax increase on farmland at a time of such economic uncertainty and low net farm income,” said Leslie Holloway, Director of State and Local Governmental Affairs.

“Legislators also need to assure livestock farmers in Missouri that they will do everything possible to keep them protected against unreasonable regulations advocated by organizations such the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS),” Holloway said.

The Missouri State Tax Commission recently approved as much as a 29 percent increase in farmland productivity values used for the assessment of property taxes.  While some grades of farmland would see a decrease, overall farmland would receive an 11.5 percent increase statewide.  The Missouri General Assembly has 60 days to pass a concurrent resolution rejecting the Commission’s action.  Several concurrent resolutions are already under consideration in the Missouri Senate and House of Representatives.

Concerning HSUS, Missouri Farm Bureau urges lawmakers to be aware of the organization’s actions in other states regulating animal agriculture.  In Missouri, HSUS is circulating an initiative petition placing further regulations on dog breeders.  Missouri already has a program regulating dog breeders. 

Source: Missouri Farm Bureau Federation