Here are some of the better sites:

1 University of Wisconsin milk quality page at: milkquality/

Dubbed the "world's best milk quality web site," this is a treasure trove of information. The opening page - a bright and colorful "kid's drawing" - reminds you that milk quality does not have to be overly complicated or academic. As one expert explained recently, the No. 1 goal should be to reduce the number of bacteria on the cows' teats, and that includes following proper milking procedures and housing the cows in a clean environment.

Nevertheless, as we are drawn into the site further, it becomes obvious that a number of people have tweaked the milk quality issue to the "ntn degree." They discuss the fine points of bulk tank cultures, udder health, housing, and milking procedures.

Training videos, articles and educational posters on a wide range of subjects - they're all at your fingertips. The UW milk quality page also provides links to other Web sites, as well as Spanish-language educational resources.

By clicking on the "bank" icon, you can call up calculator or spreadsheet programs to compute the cost of mastitis and the overall financial impact of milk quality on your dairy. For instance, using your own numbers, you can calculate production losses due to subclinical mastitis or the opportunity to make more money from milk quality premiums.

And, you may call a toll-free telephone number with questions or comments. These and other features make the site very interactive.

Experience it for yourself.

2 National Mastitis Council at:

The opening page is very simple and logical, making it easy for you to find exactly what you need.

Most of the information is of an academic nature, with numerous articles referenced to universities, scientific journals, government agencies, or the National Mastitis Council itself. So, don't go here expecting light reading.

It is important reading, nevertheless.

NMC also provides links to other animal health and milk quality sites.

3 Dairy Herd Management at:

You can access milk quality articles and profit tips from recent years' issues of the magazine by using the search feature on the opening page, or by clicking on the "editorial archives" button. Simply type milk quality into the search engine and it will bring up 50 or more items, including articles from the June Milk Quality emphasis issues.