In light of the foot-and-mouth disease epidemic and recent meeting cancellations, the Federation of Animal Science Societies (FASS) has cancelled all off-site tours where livestock are housed. The FASS is a joint meeting of the American Dairy Science Association, American Meat Science Association, American Society of Animal Science and the Poultry Science Association scheduled for July 24-28 in Indianapolis, Ind.

In addition to the livestock tour cancellations, the FASS is:

  • Encouraging higher attention to biosecurity precautions both before and throughout the meetings.
  • Strongly recommending that all participants follow the USDA guidelines to prevent brining FMD into the U.S. Those guidelines can be found online at:
  • Urging all travelers from outside the U.S. to recheck the USDA Web site for any changes in the FMD prevention guidelines two weeks before their travel begins.