If you grow your own crops, you’re going to want to dig into this issue further. And even if you purchase all of your feed, it affects you too, as you may end up paying more due to a potential shift in definitions of point and non-point source pollution.

Following a court decision last year, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is considering rule changes that have the potential to bring a wide range of pesticide application under control of the Clean Water Act, because of the potential for pesticide residue to find its way to streams, notes Stu Ellis, editor of the farm gate blog.

If proposed rules are adopted, and liberally applied to typical weed and insect pest control on farms, then farmers would have to obtain environmental permits to apply pesticides and have a series of expensive follow up activities, he adds.

University of Illinois entomologist Phil Nixon says farmers have until July 19 to express their comments to the EPA about the issue.

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Source: the farm gate blog