It’s planting season in most regions of the country, so take a few minutes to think about how to safely transport equipment and supplies on roads shared with the non-farm public. The issue is really a year-around one, but with many producers moving equipment from field to field this time of year, it’s a good time to spotlight safety.

Speeding and aggressive driving are two of the biggest factors all motorists — and ag vehicles — must contend with, even in non-urban areas. This is even more important to consider as rural areas undergo development and roads become more heavily traveled.

While motorists need to be alert, there are several ways ag drivers can increase their safety.

For example, pull over whenever possible to let motorists pass, suggest safety specialists with the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau.


  • Avoid traveling during rush hour and bad weather.
  • Keep slow-moving vehicle emblems clean.
  • And use pilot vehicles in front and back of farm equipment if traveling long distances.

Source: The Sentinel Online