In early June, at least three newspapers in the Central Valley of California – The Sacramento Bee, The Fresno Bee and the Merced Sun-Star – carried an editorial proposing free-market solutions for the dairy industry rather than government intervention.

“We don’t wish ill on any business, but we’re not convinced that the plight of the dairy farmer rises to a level of concern requiring government intervention in the economy,” the editorial stated.

Apparently, that was news to the dairy industry in California. As Michael Marsh, CEO of Western United Dairymen, pointed out in a reply to the editorial, “California dairy families don’t expect (a government bailout) and haven’t asked.”

“Dairy families are in a crisis,” Marsh says. “That’s why you hear rumblings here and there of plans to align milk supply with the remaining demand. These family operations are struggling, hoping, praying that this generation of dairy famers on the family farm is not the last. With all of the pummeling California farmers are taking, it’s disappointing that The Bee would take such a cheap shot.”

Read Marsh’s response to the Modesto Bee.

Source: Western United Dairymen, Modesto Bee