Last week, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recognized initiatives offered by McDonald’s to combat obesity, naming it an Honor Roll member of the Summit on Health, Nutrition and Obesity.

In support of the summit, California’s McDonald’s restaurants will produce and distribute in-store tray liners to build awareness about the governor’s initiative and provide additional nutrition information “to help residents live balanced, active lifestyles.”

Danya Proud, media spokeswoman for McDonald’s, said the company was committed to playing an active role in “changing the obesity debate from pointing fingers of blame to a healthy discussion of the broader issue and how we can help address it.”

Proud said McDonald’s has recently unveiled its Balanced Active Lifestyles Platform — an initiative focused on menu choice, physical activity and education.

In addition, Proud said that by the end of 2004, McDonald’s had become the fast food industry’s largest seller of salads, selling more than 300 million premium salads in the U.S. She said that equals 600 million servings of vegetables.

The Packer