AspenBio and Merial announce they have entered into a Global Development and Distribution Agreement to market and distribute AspenBio's new, patent-pending early pregnancy test. 

The test is designed to be used approximately 18 days after insemination to determine the early pregnancy status of dairy and beef cattle.  AspenBio is currently in the final phase of product development and expects to complete a large-scale field trial to validate the accuracy and reliability of the pregnancy test in U.S. dairy herds in July 2003. 

"Merial enters this agreement with AspenBio as another forward-thinking step to increasing our expanding portfolio of innovative animal health solutions for the livestock market.  We believe this unique product has great potential for increasing reproductive performance efficiencies for dairy and beef producers," explains Steve Rochester, Head of the Merial Ruminant Enterprise. 

"Our diagnostic blood test was designed to assist dairy and beef producers with more effective breeding programs and increased profitability.  We are confident that our agreement with Merial, with its excellent reputation and global distribution system, will be able to penetrate the market and achieve rapid acceptance as soon as development and field testing are completed," states Roger Hurst, President of AspenBio. 

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