The Michigan Biomass Energy Program (MBEP) is accepting grant proposals for projects that expand markets for energy and fuel derived from Michigan biomass resources.

Biomass is defined as any organic matter that is available on a renewable basis through natural processes or as a by-product of human activity, such as agricultural crops and crop residues, wood and wood waste, and municipal solid waste.

MBEP will award multiple grants of up to $24,950 per project. At least a dollar-for-dollar match is required of applicants. Matching funds (cash and/or in-kind) must be applied to direct project costs and cannot be from a federal funding source.

There is no minimum project cost; however, projects must be completed within 12 months of award.

The following activities are not eligible for funding: Development, evaluation, and feasibility studies of pre-commercial technologies; basic research and development activities; primarily education-based activities; construction costs; computer hardware and software; and cost associated with biomass production, harvesting or processing.

Only public and non-profit entities are eligible. For-profit organizations may partner or sub-contract with eligible applicants. Partnerships between non-profits, public entities, and/or private entities are encouraged.

Proposals are due Aug. 21.

For more information, go to: or call (517) 241-6223.

Michigan Farm Bureau