As part of continued efforts to connect with farmers and consumers through popular social networking Internet sites, the Michigan Farm Bureau (MFB) has launched a channel on YouTube to showcase videos produced by MFB's Video Services Department about agricultural topics of interest to farmers and the greater public.

YouTube users can view posted videos and subscribe to the channel at: 
“There's no denying the fact that video is a powerful form of communication. Add the Internet and YouTube's easy accessibility and you have the perfect recipe for broadcasting to millions of people,” says Jill Corrin, MFB media support services manager. “Michigan Farm Bureau's Video Services Department is constantly praised for its exceptional story-telling and the organization is excited to share this work and agriculture's stories with the masses.”

For the YouTube channel debut, six short segments from the 2009 Spring Edition of MFB's video newsletter “FB Update” have been posted. The segments are devoted to animal welfare and how-counter to animal rights activists’ claims because farmers care about the animals they raise.

The six-part series is titled "Close-Up on Animal Welfare" and includes the following:

  • Part 1: Animal welfare dynamics.
  • Part 2: Farmers care about animals.
  • Part 3: Gestation stalls for pigs.
  • Part 4: Farm animal welfare standards.
  • Part 5: Animal welfare legislation/ballot initiatives.
  • Part 6: Farm animal welfare truth for consumers.

“This series takes a real look at the animal welfare issue and tells the truth about how farmers care for their animals,” says Ernie Birchmeier, MFB livestock and dairy specialist and “FB Update” host. Today's farmers provide care to their animals based upon knowledge, science and practices that have been time honored, tested and truly provide what is best for the animal.

“Farmers are also affected by legislative efforts and outside interest group agendas that cause the entire food production industry to be impacted. These videos take a look at the big picture and discuss animal care practices down at the farm level for the full story and the real truth,” he says.

View Spring Edition of “FB Update” in its entirety.

Source: Michigan Farm Bureau