Editor’s note: Robin Fitch and her husband, David, of West Winfield, N.Y., pledged to dump milk on July 4 to protest low milk prices. The couple shared the following comments post-milk dump.

“Well ladies and gentlemen we talked the talk and now we have walked the walk. We did something today that no farmer should have to do to stay alive in this business

“Yes We Dumped Our Milk!!!!

“As I watched it go down the drain there were a few thoughts that crossed my mind. The time and energy not just by us but by our girl’s in the barn that had gone into making this milk never mind the money. The fact that this is so ridiculous in this day and age for us to be groveling to receive cost of production for our product. That our nation has so many people who can’t afford food and we are reduced to this measure to make our government take notice, and that so many consumers have no clue to what will happen to them by their farms going out of business in there area. Not only will they be receiving products from other countries that don’t have the save quality food we have in the USA, but the amount of money that the local farmers put into our economy. We help so many different business in our local area how will this effect them and there lives. The thought of the other farmers who decided to stand proud along with us today all across our great nation. To the friend and neighbors and local government officials that thought enough about the situation and decided to take the stand with us that this is such an important issue for our nation. All of the consumers and farmers who cared enough to send there prayers, thoughts and well wishes to us to say they are behind us. To all of these people I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making such a tough day also be a proud day for our family. We can hold our head up and know we tried to make this a better place for all Americans today. I have spoke to someone in the first ladies office and I do hope that with this action today across our country and her stating she wants to help the American people become a healthier nation that she will respond to my letter I am writing and she will call and really take the time to see what is happening to our countries food supply.

“If anyone who participated would like to contact me and continue to work on this issue please feel free to call and thank you again it was a true blessing to work with the farmers and media across our Country on this issue. I still say together we can win.”

A dairy farm in Michigan also joined the protest. “I’m celebrating my Independence Day by voicing my opinion like all Americans should be able to do,” Woody Wittenberg of Cement City, Mich., told the Jackson-Citizen Patriot.

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