The Class III price surged past $12 during September.

According to the USDA’s announcement of class prices on Sept. 29, the Class III price hit $12.29 — a gain of $1.23. However, that is still $2.01 less than a year ago.

Meanwhile, the Class II and Class IV prices posted double-digit gains. The Class II price gained 58 cents, which pushed it to $11.74 for September. The Class IV price climbed to $11.10, a 46-cent increase from August. One year ago, the Class II and IV prices were $14.35 and $13.75, respectively.

Momentum in the cheese market kept prices strong during September. On Sept. 1, the block cheese price at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange stood at $1.3475 per pound. The barrel cheese price stood at $1.3125. By Sept. 28, prices had slipped a few cents. Blocks stood at $1.27, with barrels slightly higher at $1.29.