If your jaw didn’t drop last month following the release of the May “Milk Production” report, it certainly will this month. During June, milk production in the top 23 dairy states soared a whopping 5.4 percent above June 2004. In those states, total production hit 13.7 billion pounds.

A robust 4.7-percent gain in milk production per cow and strong cow numbers led to the vigorous production gain during June.

Meanwhile, the USDA also increased total milk output for May. May production now stands at 14.3 billion pounds — up 4.6 percent instead of the 4.4 percent estimate reported during June.

Milk output per cow in the top 23 states averaged 1,683 pounds during June — up 76 pounds versus a year ago. All but one of the top 23 states saw increases in milk per cow during June. Arizona, the state that posted the decrease, saw just a 0.3-percent drop in per-cow output during the month.

   The chart at right shows milk production per cow in each of the top 23 states during June.

Milk-cow numbers in the top 23 states advanced to 8.13 million head — topping June 2004 by 47,000 head. That also is 9,000 head more than May.

Only one of the top 23 dairy states — Missouri — posted a loss in total milk output during June. Total production fell 3.2 percent in the Show Me state. The states posting the largest gains in total output included: Idaho — up 11.7 percent, Colorado — up 10.6 percent and Texas — up 9.6 percent.