MilkMedia has launched a new program called “Milk Rocks!” The New York company uses music and action sports entertainment to reach kids aged 9 to 19 about health, nutrition and exercise.

The 2007-2008 school year marks the largest and most viewed in-school program ever for MilkMedia (, a New York-based company whose milk carton side-panels are lunch-time table-talk in more than 90,000 elementary, middle and high schools nationwide. Milk Rocks! will spread the word on health, nutrition and exercise on up to 24 million branded cartons of milk per day. Milk Rocks! makes milk “cool for kids” in schools, on the web and in concerts with today’s brightest stars. The Milk Rocks! Website is expected to draw millions of additional views each month. For this fall alone, Milk Rocks! anticipates its new program to reach up to 36 million students daily in schools nationwide through milk cartons as well as posters, book covers and other fun, kid-friendly materials.

Kicking off the Milk Rocks! activities are two exciting sweepstakes. will feature an array of exciting content from up-and-coming and A-list artists, including song downloads, music and sports videos, ringtones, wallpapers, podcasts, games, comics, celebrity features and interviews and other exclusive entertainment. Milk Rocks! program highlights include:

  • The center of the Milk Rocks! universe.
  • Milk Rocks! In-School: Milk Rocks! will spread the word on featured artists, sponsors and upcoming promotions on billions of milk cartons, plus lunchroom and locker posters, book covers, banners and in-school contests.
  • Milk Rocks! Live: Students enter contests to win concerts for their schools featuring major recording artists, as well as tickets to national tours by emerging musicians.
  • Be a Milk Rock Star: Students can compete to be the next Milk Rock Star with major label recording contracts, distribution deals, national tours and radio exposure as prizes. Demo files can be uploaded at, with online voting and celebrity judges. A new national Milk Rock Star will be chosen every semester.

To read the full release, follow this link.

Press release via Business Wire