Mint-green-colored, pistachio-flavored milk soon might become a standard in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Dairy Store.

It will, at least, if everything goes according to the plans of two food science and technology students who visited southern India this summer and learned how to manufacture the milk. The trip by Yulie Meneses and Alex Nelson was the result of agreements signed between University of Nebraska-Lincoln and two universities in India.

Meneses and Nelson were the first University of Nebraska-Lincoln students to visit India as part of the agreements. During their month-long visit in July and August, they visited both universities and four area dairy plants.

"We were sent to learn about India's dairy products and how they were prepared," Nelson said. Meneses and Nelson spent much of their time learning about the variety of dairy products in India. After watching Indian products being developed, they made the products themselves.
"The idea was to get two products that could be produced in Nebraska," Meneses said.
They decided the two products they would develop would be pistachio-flavored milk and gulab jamun, a popular Indian dessert.

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