Move over milk. At least that’s what Minute Maid, the makers of several new vitamin-D and calcium-fortified juices, are hoping consumers will say.

Starting April 1 vitamin D will be added to calcium-fortified Minute Maid Premium Home-Squeezed Style orange juice and calcium-fortified Minute Maid Premium Blends: orange tangerine, orange passion, orange strawberry banana, and orange cranberry. The taste and appearance of the juices remains the same. And, an 8-ounce serving provides 25 percent of the recommended daily amount of vitamin D and 35 percent of the recommended daily amount of calcium — the same amount of both nutrients as in a serving of vitamin D-fortified milk.

In mid-June, the vitamin D fortification will be expanded to all multi-serve Minute Maid Premium Original calcium-fortified juice products.

The calcium-fortified orange juice segment has grown significantly in recent years, and in 2001, made up 30 percent of overall chilled orange juice sales and 40 percent of Minute Made Premium chilled orange juice sales. Minute Maid is hoping the vitamin D fortification will help grow that market even more.

Donald R. Knauss, president and CEO says “vitamin D fortification, in conjunction with calcium, provides a delicious, convenient way to help consumers build even healthier bones. We expect significant consumer interest in this Minute Maid innovation, which will contribute to growth for both the category and Minute Maid branded products.”