Pierce City, Mo., dairy producers Steve Chapman, and his parents Pat and Judy Chapman have been battling with stray voltage on their dairy since 1997. After getting no help from their utility company, the Chapmans filed suit in 2000 against New-Mac Electric Cooperative. And yesterday, a NewtonCounty Circuit Court jury sided with them and ordered the utility company to pay $2.1 million.

The lawsuit sited 60-year-old electrical lines that were overgrown with vines and tree branches as the cause of the stray voltage. As further proof they explained that when the cattle were moved to a different farm, all of the health problems that were occurring to the animals on the PierceCity dairy disappeared.

To prevent future problems, the Chapman’s attorney told the Associated Press that he plans to ask the judge to order to utility to install new power lines and equipment for servicing the dairy.

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