Monsanto Dairy has announced a plan to continue gradual increases in the supply of POSILAC bovine somatotropin to current customers. While the primary focus is to meet the POSILAC needs of current customers, new customers may now elect to sign-up on a wait list.

In an effort to supply customers all of the product they want while continuing to closely manage supply, Monsanto will be asking current customers to designate quarterly how much POSILAC they need for their dairy operations. The first quarterly period will be June through August. The next quarterly period will be September through November, and if needed, the third period will start in December.

Based on overall customer demand and manufacturing performance, Monsanto will then inform customers of the specific number of doses they will receive during each three month period starting with their June shipments.

Anticipating that the needs of the current customers will be satisfied in the coming months, Monsanto will then begin selling POSILAC to former and new customers who elect to join the wait list. Former and new customers' needs will be supplied on a first-come, first-serve basis potentially starting as early as September.

Monsanto encourages customers to work with their Monsanto representatives and other on-farm advisors to adjust their plans for using POSILAC. Monsanto will continue to provide updated information as it comes available.