The new SEED TO FEEDsm program aims to help producers gain better control of forage production and management.

Monsanto Dairy Business has launched a SEED TO FEEDsm forage nutrition program that is aimed at helping producers maximize milk production, increase profits and reduce environmental impact through forage production and management.

The new forage nutrition initiative involves five factors:

  • Seed selection for superior forage quality.
  • The use of agronomic technology to maximize yield and improve the nutritional quality of forage.
  • Harvest and storage management techniques that deliver optimal forage quality.
  • Handling techniques that optimize silage quality at feed out.
  • Reduced environmental impact.

These five factors are designed to work together to produce forage that maximizes milk production and profits. “Our goal is to help dairies produce the best possible silage for nutritionists to work with in formulating rations,” said Consuelo Madere, president of Monsanto Dairy Business.

For more information, call Monsanto Dairy Business at (800) 233-2999.

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