Monday, Monsanto Dairy introduced its Secure Technology Action Reward or S.T.A.R. rewards program for users of Posilac. The program is open to all U.S. dairy producers.

The program is in recognition of both current and future producer actions that promote the value of available technology — especially as productivity tools are being questioned with renewed intensity.

“We want to continue to reward and encourage producers who advocate the preservation of whichever U.S Food and Drug Administration-approved technology they use,” says Brian Naber, Posilac brand manager for Monsanto Dairy

To contribute to this cause, the new program offers a rebate of up to $1 per dose of Posilac for the next year.

In addition, dairy producers have been in a difficult spot with regard to milk price and feed cost, says Naber. “This program should provide customers with the best value available in the 13 years Posilac has been on the market,” he says.

The enrollment deadline is April 30.

For more information, contact your local Monsanto Dairy representative. Or, go to: