Local activists in Indiana are getting some help from the national level to oppose any type of concentrated animal feeding operation, espcially pork and dairy.

Representatives  from New York-based GRACE (Global Resource Action Center for the Environment) advised local residents from Blackford, Delaware, Wayne, Jackson, Rush and (Ohio's) Darke countiesto: buy organic food, vote, not trust the government to protect them, file lawsuits, carry a camera at all times, take water samples and to take air samples.

GRACE also offered to lend local citizens one of the organization's five UVHounds, a portable monitoring device that uses ultraviolet light to detect airborne threats from CAFOs, such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia.

The environmental activist group lends the monitors only to local protesters who are planning to sue CAFO’s -- not to individuals who are just curious -- because the devices cost about $30,000 each and are in high demand.

This group claims that CAFOs are a threat to people who live near them or near fields on which manure is applied.

Muncie Star Press