The National Farm Animal Identification and Records (FAIR) program now offers free educational resources to help dairy producers make the most effective and efficient use of their animal identification protocols.

The “Tag ID: Easy as 1-2-3” program includes an educational brochure and a durable, waterproof farm sign. The sign can be posted in maternity pens where most tags are applied, and is available in both English and Spanish. A poster is also available for display in common work areas to reinforce key steps and the importance of proper tag application.

“Tagging animals may seem like a routine job. But proper placement of the Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) tag is critical to the success of an animal identification program,” says John M. Meyer, CEO of Holstein Association USA, Inc., which administers the National FAIR program.

Proper tag placement improves the ability of RFID readers to read tags properly. This creates a strong data chain throughout the food production system, and leads to effective tracking of animals from farm to processing facility. Tagging animals the right way is important and easy to do, once you understand the basic procedures.

Participants in the National FAIR program will receive copies of these materials through the mail. Or go to: to order materials.

Posters and farm signs will also be available at the Holstein Association booth at World Dairy Expo and other industry trade shows. All materials are free.

National FAIR, Holstein Association USA Inc.