McDonald’s recently introduced three new Angus Burgers — which use two slices of cheese — at the chain’s nearly 14,000 restaurants nationwide. The new sandwich offerings are part of a long term partnership between Dairy Management Inc. (DMI), which manages the national dairy producer checkoff, and McDonald’s to increase dairy product sales.

“Partnerships with McDonald’s and other foodservice companies help grow sales,” said Paul Rovey, Arizona dairy producer and DMI chair. “Projections state that the new Angus Burgers may use nearly 6 million pounds of cheese this year.”

The three Angus Burgers – the Deluxe, the Bacon and Cheese, and the Mushroom and Swiss – each use two slices of cheese. In addition to American cheese that is used with the Deluxe and Bacon and Cheese burgers, for the first time the chain is introducing Swiss cheese with the Mushroom and Swiss Angus Burger.

Product sampling plays an integral role in the Angus Burger promotion. The dairy checkoff partnered with McDonald’s to create Angus Burger-sampling kits to help local restaurants promote and market the new burgers to customers.

A national marketing campaign, including TV and radio ads, digital efforts and in-store promotional materials starts in August to raise awareness of the new burgers.

“As McDonald’s is a market leader, we are hopeful that other foodservice chains will increase their cheese use in their menu offerings,” Rovey said.

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Source: Dairy Management, Inc.