After the first reprieve of no new cases of foot-and-mouth disease being reported in Britain, four cases were confirmed this weekend in the Settle area of Northern Yorkshire. This brings the total number of infected farms to 16 in the area, with a total of 1,625 cases in all of Britain.

As the crisis appeared to wane, producers in the area were issued permits to move limited livestock. However, full bans on livestock transport have been re-imposed in the region. With this outbreak, the disease has simply spread from neighboring farm to neighboring farm in a localized fashion, say Ministry of Agriculture officials who are currently trying to identify the cause for this outbreak.

Prime Minister Tony Blair has said it is essential for people to not become complacent about the disease.
Although the Ministry of Agriculture has reported on the drop in the number of new cases reported daily, Blair insists it is still “vitally important” that people continue to take measures of security and safety to prevent the spread of the disease.