A group of dairies in Newton and Jasper counties in Indiana are including a visitor center as part of the new cheese plant they are building. The dairy producers hope that the visitor center can help bridge the gap of understanding between consumers and modern production agriculture.

The visitors center will explain the similarities between small scale operations and the large-scale operations that exist coexist in agriculture, says Mike McCloskey, owner of Fair Oaks Dairy Farms and a partner in the project

The cheese plant and educational center have been in the planning phases for years. Construction of the cheese plant should be completed by April, with the visitor center being finished in July.

"Most people in the city today have no idea where their milk comes from," McCloskey told the Indianapolis Star. "They don't even know where corn comes from. They will arrive here and they won't have any idea how milk is produced." The goal of the visitor center is to give them a general understanding and appreciation for where their food comes from.

Indianapolis Star