Dairy Management Inc. (DMI), which manages the national dairy checkoff, has created a digital consumer education exhibit kit that educates consumers about where dairy products come from, and the tremendous care that dairy farmers take to provide safe, wholesome, and nutritious dairy products, while caring for their animals and the environment.

The consumer education exhibit aims to:

  • Develop a virtual connection between consumers and dairy farmers
  • Give consumers compelling reasons to continue purchasing dairy products
  • Increase confidence in dairy foods and the people who produce them.

The blueprint features four core themes (healthy cows, healthy planet, healthy communities and healthy products). The exhibit comes to life through a combination of farm photographs, illustrations and interactive activities for visitors of any age to learn about on-farm practices.

“Because consumers have become increasingly disconnected from modern dairy farming and food production, dairy producers are being asked more questions about their on-farm practices,” said David Pelzer, senior vice president of strategic communications for DMI. “This on-farm education exhibit prototype offers a ‘common voice’ approach that helps maintain consumer confidence in dairy producers, dairy products and the entire industry.”

The digital prototype is intended for use by individual dairy farms, dairy co-ops and dairy companies, and other friends of the industry that interact face-to-face with consumer groups. The kit’s artwork, graphics and hands-on activities are easily customized for a variety of venues (e.g., county fair displays, zoos, children’s museums, dairy farms, co-op visitor centers). For example, this template can accommodate anything from a one-panel display for use with school tours to a 50-foot, multi-sensory, interactive exhibit.

For more information on the consumer education exhibit kit, contact DMI’s Jennifer Wing at jennifer.wing@rosedmi.com.

For more information about the dairy checkoff, visit www.dairycheckoff.com.

Source: Dairy Management, Inc.