This week the EPA launched a new web site on stewardship programs. The site was designed to help business, government and private citizens make intelligent choices on sustainable environmental benefits. Simple everyday decisions by organizations and individuals on such issues as recycling, reuse or choice of fuel support pollution prevention and environmental stewardship.

The web site will enable users to find EPA partnership programs, such as the Energy Star energy saving program, which best align with their needs and interests. Businesses can search for EPA programs based on their industrial category, environmental issue of interest, and geographic area. One specific Web site, for example, shows businesses how they can help employees reduce the environmental impacts of commuting.

The web site also provides information links individuals can use to protect the environment in different settings, such as home, work, school and shopping. One web site shows citizens how they can use pesticides safely.

This tool is the latest in a series of steps EPA has taken to support environmental stewardship. To visit the new web site go to:

U.S.Environmental Protection Agency