is a new hub of fresh-cow information developed by Cattlenetwork and Dairy Herd Management magazine in conjunction with Pfizer Animal Health. 

The new Web site features management guidelines and risk factors for fresh-cow diseases which producers can use to identify vulnerable cows and head off early-lactation challenges. The economics associated with each disease are included, as well as a special multi-media section with videos on bovine health by some of the top veterinarians in the country. 

“Fresh cows are the most fragile animals on any dairy, and they face a unique combination of stress surrounding calving. Producers must employ all efforts to keep them from becoming vulnerable to diseases which can rob early-lactation performance,” said Robbie Moody of Pfizer Animal Health. “Our goal with this new Web site is to provide an information source for veterinarians, academia, and producers alike to improve the performance of fresh cows across the industry.”

Moody said is yet another component of Pfizer’s Dairy Wellness Plan which is a simple management philosophy focused on the health of the animal, the economic health of the dairy and responsible usage of animal-health products to maintain a safe and healthy food supply. “Our goal is to empower veterinarians and producers with the most current recommendations and management information so they can improve the profitability of the dairy operation.” 

Tom Quaife, editor of Dairy Herd Management, described the site as a new, exciting way in which Vance Publishing can service its readers by consolidating the information about fresh cows already available in Dairy Herd Management and it’s sister publication, Bovine Veterinarian. “We envision the to be the primary source for information concerning transition management and early-lactation disease available online,” he said. “It’s a commitment we are continually making to our readers to make our articles and content available in the most convenient form possible.” includes information on fresh-cow diseases such as metritis, retained placenta, ketosis, and milk fever. Each section reveals disease risk factors, costs, as well as management tips for minimizing the effects of each challenge. A scrolling section on the right-hand side contains current dairy industry news.

To access the Fresh Cow Innovation Center, go to