An editorial published in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune on Sunday took raw milk advocates to task, saying that “drinking raw milk from any farm is risky because many pathogens exist abundantly on farms. A well-run dairy can reduce the risk of contamination but not eliminate it. Those who continue to buy raw milk, particularly those who serve it to children, need to be called out for placing their families in harm's way. Grandparents, family and friends shouldn't tolerate this irresponsibility.”

The author cites the health risks associated with the consumption of raw milk, including “E. coli 0157, listeria, salmonella and campylobacter. A type of chronic diarrhea first discovered in Brainerd, Minn., also has been linked to raw milk in multiple outbreaks.”

The piece calls for the state legislature to enact a raw milk ban during the next legislative session. Currently, Minnesota allows the sale of raw milk purchased for personal use on the farm where it is produced.

The state is in the midst of an investigation of an E. coli disease outbreak allegedly linked to consumption of raw milk. The owner of a farm in question denies that the contamination stems from his operation.

State officials confirmed today that a second dairy farm has also been searched during the investigation.

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Source: Minneapolis Star-Tribune