Dairy producers, through their checkoff investment, are once again teaming up with the National Football League® (NFL) to promote the 3-A-Day™ of Dairy program at retail stores and schools across the nation. These promotions help increase demand for and sales of U.S.-produced dairy products and ingredients.

State and regional dairy promotion organizations are implementing 27 retail marketing programs this fall to help educate consumers about the importance of including three servings of dairy in their daily diets. The promotions are taking place in more than 5,000 stores nationwide, including Wal-Mart Super Centers. In addition, local dairy promotion groups are working with individual NFL teams to reach school children to promote physical fitness and healthy eating, including the need to consume three servings of dairy each day.

“Working with the NFL to promote milk and dairy products helps us increase sales by driving consumers to the dairy case,” said Paul Rovey, an Arizona dairy producer and chairman of Dairy Management Inc.™ (DMI), which manages the national dairy checkoff program. “This is an exciting partnership that has been very successful in the past. We’re looking forward to another winning season with the NFL.”

Results of past fall promotions show that milk, cheese and yogurt sales increased by more than 3 million units in participating stores. Additionally, retailers that featured dairy products during the NFL promotion period had double-digit sales increases, compared to year-ago sales. Retailer and branded manufacturer partner contributions for retail promotions exceed the investment made by dairy producers through their checkoff program.

NFL retail promotion efforts include:

  • Special consumer “sweepstakes” to win tickets to NFL games.
  • In-store signs and radio ads featuring players talking about 3-A-Day of Dairy.
  • Regional newspaper coupon offers.
  • Product sampling at individual team’s youth and family programs.
  • A “Junior Broadcaster” sweepstakes for a chance to participate in individual team’s radio broadcasts.

State and regional dairy organizations also are working with individual NFL teams on local school promotions, including efforts to create special milk flavors that are offered in schools throughout the football season. Players and mascots for individual teams work with local dairy promotion staff to visit select schools to promote physical fitness and healthy eating. They also distribute school cafeteria posters and other materials featuring popular team players promoting milk.

“Partnerships play a key role in helping drive dairy sales increases,” said Rick Naczi, DMI executive vice president of U.S. sales and marketing. “By working with 21 individual NFL teams to implement retail and school promotions, we’re generating excitement at the dairy case and school cafeteria.”

For more information on 3-A-Day of Dairy and NFL promotions, visit www.3aday.org. For more information on dairy promotion efforts, visit www.dairycheckoff.com.

Dairy Management Inc