A call by U.S. Senator Charles Schumer (D.-N.Y.) for the USDA to release $600 million in emergency funds for dairy farmers has drawn a polite “no thanks” from one of New York State’s most prominent dairy producers.

“I understand Schumer’s intentions, and he’s got good intentions, but it’s the wrong thing to do,” John Mueller, of Willow Bend Farms, told Rochester, N.Y., TV station WHAM.  “We have to have less milk on the market, and by him putting more money into dairymen’s pockets, it’s going to keep milk on the market; it’s going to prolong this low-price situation, and make the market correction that much more delayed. So, we just need to ride it through; we need to suck it up, get through it, and we’ll be in better shape, just like we were in 2007, 2004 and all these other good times.

“And, I really don’t want the government to get into this situation where they want to manage supply and they do this and do that…… let’s keep the system we’ve got. It’s not great now, but it’s going to be great in the future,” Mueller said.

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Source: WHAM-TV, Rochester, N.Y.

Last week, Collin Peterson, Chairman of the House Ag Committee said that his committee is looking into whether some of the federal stimulus money can be tapped for dairy producers. But not everyone is jumping on the bailout bandwagon. Like Mueller, Wisconsin Farm Bureau President Bill Bruins recently expressed concern about a government cure. His point is that USDA actions to prop up milk prices will actually lengthen the recovery process. “When the government purchases dairy products it actually works to prolong low milk prices,” Bruins says. “The milk price was forecast to begin a recovery this fall. When the government releases these dairy products back onto the market, it will work to blunt the up-tick in price.”Is he right? — Shannon Linderoth, associate editor