St. Louis, Missouri — Celebrating with industry associations, political dignitaries and local neighbors, Novus International held a ribbon cutting earlier this month for their newest facility, Green Acres Farm. Located in Montgomery County, MO. Green Acres Farm inspires innovation and sustainability through a commitment to environmental conservation. The flexibility provided by the facilities at Green Acres allows Novus to provide replicable examples of agricultural best practices.

Purchased in 2009, Novus made numerous improvements to the farm including the renovation of the existing 1920’s farm house. As with most homes of this period, the construction process and materials used did not result in an energy-efficient structure. Since the completed renovation, the home now qualifies for Leadership in Energy and Efficient Design (LEED) consideration.

A variety of other sustainable measures were also taken around the farm which include the preservation of existing trees and the use of drought resistant and indigenous grasses. The site includes no hardscape to ensure that all rain water can be retained and returned to the site. All roof runoff is also captured in "rain barrels" and used for plant establishment. The Farm also includes a wastewater collection system, engineered wetland septic system, and a fertilizer and mulch area. A solar panel system is also scheduled to be completed in the coming months. This system will include a 168 solar panel array which will generate over 54,400 kilowatt hours of energy.

Guests who attended the Novus event enjoyed a catered lunch which was followed by the ribbon cutting ceremony. Speakers during the ceremony included:
Mr. Brent Speight, President, Montgomery City Growth, Inc.
Mr. Bart Korman, Representative Elect, Missouri House of Representatives
Dr. Jon Hagler, Director, Missouri Department of Agriculture
Dr. Mercedes Vazquez-Anon, Director, Nutrition Research, Novus International
Mr. Thad Simons, President and CEO, Novus International

The ceremony was followed by self-guided tours of the farm. During the tours, guests were allowed limited access to the poultry and swine facility where products and programs are evaluated under real world, sustainable conditions. Mr. Tom Hampton, Manager, Product Research, Novus International explained that sustainability has been a priority since the founding of Novus in 1991. “Our animal feed products are designed to ensure the optimum absorbable amount of nutrients possible, which in turn reduces the contamination of ground water. In addition to this site, our global headquarters in St. Charles County and our blending plant in Indaiatuba, Brazil were also constructed with sustainability in mind. We're proud of the commitments we've made to the environment and the impact they will have for future."

About Novus International, Inc.
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