A webinar to be held from 9:30 a.m. to noon on Friday, April 16 will provide producers and business leaders with information about Pennsylvania's nutrient-trading program and other conservation practices.

"Each of us has a shared responsibility to protect Pennsylvania's natural resources as well as the national treasure in our backyard - the Chesapeake Bay," said Agriculture Secretary Russell C. Redding. "This webinar is part of our collective commitment at the state and local levels to ensure that we are a good upstream neighbor and responsible stewards of our land."

"Cleaning our local waters and restoring the Chesapeake Bay are vitally important goals, and a sound trading program can help us achieve those goals in a cost-effective way," said Department of Environmental Protection Secretary John Hanger. "The trading program helps our water, our economies and will help the Chesapeake Bay."

The Internet-based nutrient-trading workshop will feature top officials from the departments of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, county conservation districts and Penn State Cooperative Extension. Participants will be able to submit questions in writing.

Nutrient-trading is an approach to water quality in which nutrient reduction credits can be made available to entities that exceed their environmental obligations from point or nonpoint sources. One of the most important benefits to nutrient trading is that environmental compliance can be achieved at a lower cost than through other methods.

In addition to discussing the trading program, the webinar will highlight:

  • Agricultural innovations in conservation;
  • A conservation district panel discussion;
  • The impact of nutrient trading on the Chesapeake Bay; and
  •  A roundtable discussion.

Producers and agribusiness leaders interested in those topics and more related to conservation are encouraged to participate in the webinar. For more information about participating in the webinar or other conservation practices, call the State Conservation Commission at 717-787-8821, or visit www.pacd.org.

A high-speed Internet connection is required to access the link. The webinar is being hosted by the Department of Agriculture, DEP and the Pennsylvania Association of Conservation Districts.

Source: Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture