A surprise inspection from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has reportedly uncovered several violations of the Clean Water Act at a Yuba, Okla. dairy.

According to EPA reports referenced in an article in the Sherman-Denison Herald Democrat, inspectors found three main problems. First, silage leachate was reported to be flowing into Brown Creek. Second, dead cattle in an open pit, and others partially buried in shallow pits reportedly had foul runoff entering into the Old Indian Boundary Island Bayou. And third, wastewater in and around barns was reportedly flowing into the Old Indian Boundary Island Bayou due to a defaulted water collection system.

The dairy producer, Alan Ritchey, was ordered to correct all of the problems. Ritchey could be fined up to $27,500 per violation per day if the dairy is not in compliance within 30 days. In addition, the dairy was found to be operating without a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation permit. The dairy applied in 1996 for it’s permit, but apparently never finished the paperwork. Ritchey also may face additional fines and charges from the state.

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Sherman Denison Herald Democrat