New tools are now available online to help examine how the 2008 Farm Bill programs apply to your operation.

The Average Crop Revenue Election Program (ACRE) is a new revenue-based guarantee program administered by Farm Service Agency (FSA) that assist in managing the risks inherent in agricultural operations.

ACRE is an alternative to the traditional price-stabilizing Direct and Counter-cyclical Program.

By visiting the FSA website, you can enter crop, acreage and price/yield projections in an ACRE Calculator to evaluate potential results. The calculator tool and other information and eligibility resources can be found by navigating to the Direct and Counter-cyclical Program/ACRE pages shown in the menu bar on the left of the FSA homepage.

The website also provides a 2008 Benchmark Yield History, ACRE Revenue Yield Maps and ACRE Price Values. The calculator can be used for one year and repeated to project multiple year results.

Additional ACRE background information includes fact sheets and descriptive charts to help explain this program's provisions and calculations. August 14 is the deadline to elect and enroll in ACRE for the 2009 Crop Year.

Source: FSA Press Release